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Grooming in Park City Utah

Looking to make you pet all pretty and smell good? Here are the places that offer grooming in Park City Utah.

Groomin’ On The Go

Mailing Address:
1587 Village Round Drive
Park City, UT 84098

ph: 435-658-5205

Why Go Mobile?

A professional mobile groomer comes right to your home or office, providing all the comforts of a grooming shop WITHOUT you needing to dropoff and then pickup your pup after leaving them for 3-5hours to wait in a kennel at a traditional shop.

A mobile groomer will work one-on-one with your pup(s) providing them with the precise care that they need and you’d expect.

Our mobile groomers average 1-1.5hrs/dog! No cage drying, no kennels, no strange dogs roaming around.

Our Grooming vans are fully stocked to meet all your grooming needs. We bath, dry and clip your furry friends inside our vehicles. We have our own electricity, water, heaters and A/C; all we need is a place to park and a dirty dog or two (or three, or….).

And it gets better… sign up for a regular rotation and you no longer need to even think about getting your pup groomed. We just arrive, fluff your pup, then take off! Your dog will have a guaranteed appointment saved just for him/her. Having to “deal” with “that stinky dog” is a thing of the past.

Really, the question should be “why not go mobile?

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